Waste dried baby shrimp – krill


Waste Dried Baby Shrimp Sample

Take a look at this video to see Waste Dried Baby Shrimp

What is Waste Dried Baby Shrimp ? 

Waste dried shrimp is small debris broken dried shrimp. see sample picture or watch video link above.

Where does Waste Dried Baby Shrimps come from even shrimp type A ?

The more older shrimp the more waste shrimp be easly created.

It is created by physical force during transport – storage – mould and other reasons.

Waste dried shrimp is bad part of product that can be easily found at the bottom of package.

Waste dried shrimp is an essential part of Dried Baby Shrimp. All we can do reduce as many as we can, but can not stop.

Please keep in your mind The more smaller size dried baby shrimp, the easier waste shrimp be created.

How to reduce waste dried shrimp?

There is several skills to reduce them

  1. Prevent to impact or shake to package. Physical force is main reason of waste dried shrimp.
  2. Please ask your porter softly move package. Do not throw, drop package
  3. Keep dried baby shrimp in storage with -15oC to -18oC. This is the best temperate for long time keeping.
  4. At normal enviroment, open the package , avoid directly sunshine – windy place – hight moisture or wet place.
  5. Do not throw or hardy move the package.

Foreign matter should be under 1%. Please keep in your mind that foreign matter and waste dried shrimp is an essential part of Dried Baby Shrimp Product.