dried baby shrimp – krill Product


How do you know good or bad quanlity shrimp – krill?

Here is some skill help you see which is good or bad dried baby shrimp

  1. Shape of dried baby shrimp :
  • Shrimp must be full body ( head and body together) – not broken
  • Broken shrimp is bad part which is only head or body or a part of shrimp.
  • if you want to check the quality of Goods. You must check the percent of broken shrimp in your whole bags.
  1. Shrimp skin : Dried shrimp skin is an important sign to recognize which shrimp is good or bad, old or new.
  • The light skin is good or new dried shrimp.
  • The dark skin is proof of old or bad shirmp.
  • If you are a shrimp expert then you can easy to find out good or bad dried baby shrimp from skin.
  1. Smell : Dried baby shrimp smell is also other sign help you see good or bad shrimp.
  • Good or new dried baby shrimp always have fresh smell.
  1. Taste of shrimp
  • This is the most important skill. When you eat shrimp, you can easier feel fresh taste or moldy taste.


  • Good shrimp : have to full body ( must be head and body together ) – light and bright skin – fresh smell and tasty
  • Bad shrimp: broken shrimp (only head or body) – dark skin – old smell or mold taste.

Dried baby Shrimp change colour, Why?

Temperate – moisture – wind – light change the colour of shrimp.

  • The higher temperate the faster dried baby shrimp change colour. The best temperate for  12 – 15 month of storage is -15 to -18.
  • The more moisture the faster dried baby shrimp change colour. moiture is the main reason of moldy.

Change colour is natural, but not a good sign. Usually, moldy is main reason of this changing.

New and fesh dried baby shrimp always have light skin. When the skin become more and more darker. That mean dried shrimp is worse.

Why at the same size, Dried Baby Shrimp can have different price?

There are several notes to understand why. I arrange some priority reason from 1 to 3

  1. Sand or not sand inside the dired baby shrimp body. Example: The shrimp source from middle in Vietnam usually have sand inside their body so that human can not eat. So event it taste every sweet, the price is cheap.
  2. The taste of dried baby shrimp. The more tasty shrimp, the more shrimp expensive.

     3.  Size shrimp: the bigger shrimps, price is higher.